Screens 4 v4.3.2 Multilingual macOS


macOS 10.11 or later | Language: English | Size: 20.25 MB
Streamlined and powerful VNC utility designed to provide you with all the tools you need to remotely connect to your devices from your Mac
Accessing your devices from anywhere in the world is surely great, especially if you need to perform some last minute modifications to a project or copy a certain file. This can be done from any computer that can access your device’s network using the VNC desktop sharing system.
Screens Features
– iCloud – Synchronize all your stored screens on all your iOS devices, including your Mac.
– OS X 10.7 Lion-ready: use Screens in fullscreen mode to make it feel your remote computer is right there in front of you.
– Easy to Use: Screens is an easy, user-friendly VNC client for Mac.
– Secure: Screens can connect to your computer through an SSH tunnel so your session is encrypted and safe.
– Multi-Touch: Screens supports many of the multi-touch features–such as pinch and navigation–you’re already used to on your trackpad.
– Screens Connect: Make your computer available from anywhere with this optional helper app. Easy as flicking a switch. No messy router setup.
– Versatile: Screens can connect to Macs with OS X 10.4 or later, Linux, Windows PCs, and most VNC servers.
– Works Anywhere: Through Wi-Fi or a 3G network.
What’s New
Version 4.3.2:
Fixed window-resizing issue when scaling is off
Improved pasteboard transfers
Screens now hides sensitive pasteboard content in notifications
Improved file transfers
Stability improvements
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit

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