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HandsFree 2 lets you use your Mac to make phone calls, send/receive text messages, record conversations, see call lists and more. It couldn’t be any easier. With HandsFree 2 running in the background (with the always available status icon & menu), you don’t have to worry about missing a call or a text message. And we think the best part is that it works with any Bluetooth enabled phone. That’s right, your Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or iPhone is compatible. It’s like Yosemite’s Continuity except for everyone and with more features.

Features of HandsFree :
– Wirelessly connect to your phone using Bluetooth.
– Call using the contacts list, use the dial pad or make a call directly from the Contacts app.
– View incoming SMS (text messages) right on your Mac.
– Send or reply to an SMS from your Mac.*
– Quickly see missed, incoming and outgoing call lists.
– Record important calls
– Wirelessly connect your Mac with your cell phone using Bluetooth. Because there are no wires, your phone can be anywhere within range (usually up to 10m / 33ft).
– Get notified right away of an incoming call with the person’s name or number (requires Caller ID service). Choose to answer on your Mac or pass it to the phone.
– Make a call right from your Mac by either choosing an existing contact, or by using the dial pad. There’s even an included plug-in for the Contacts app for one click calling.
– Never worry about missing a text message. Incoming messages will appear on your Mac, with the option to reply. Need to send a message? No problem, you can do that too.
– A fully stocked status menu is always available from the menu bar. So you can easily do what you’d like with your phone without having to actually get it. It also includes your phone’s battery and signal levels, as well as a roaming indicator.
– Quickly see all the missing, incoming and outgoing call lists. It even uses relative dates like “Today” and “Yesterday”.
– Need to record an important call? We’ve got you covered. Record any call with one click, as well as easily open up a previous recording.
– Dial any number using the built-in dial pad. Or easily navigate a phone menu by choosing the numbers you need.
– Quickly see all the missing, incoming and outgoing call lists. It even uses relative dates like “Today” and “Yesterday”.
– And …

WHAT’S NEW Version 2.6.5:
– [Fixed] Issue where it was possible the text messaging feature would not work.
– [Fixed] Issue where the call audio button would show phone instead of Mac for new outgoing calls.
– [Fixed] Issue where the first attempt to connect through OBEX would fail. Now the app waits and tries once more which usually resolves it.
– [Improved] Handling for closing phone connections. This should help with the potential issue to get into a connect/disconnect loop.
– [Improved] Handling of errors when connections for phone logs or text messaging fail part way through setup.
– [New] Using updated functions for publishing and un-publishing the HandsFree & Message Notification Server services.

Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.9 or later


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