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OfflineBackup is a useful application that enables you to save company accounts data locally, and it supports several output formats. It is very easy to use, and it comes with comprehensive documentation.

Straightforward and secure authorization procedure

Naturally, you first need to allow the application to access the data stored in your QuickBooks Online account, but the operation is far from complex. After logging in from your web browser, you just need to enter the company ID and authorization code that are provided in order to establish the connection.

It is worth noting that your access codes are encrypted using a password that needs to be provided whenever you connect to QuickBooks, thus preventing other users from obtaining your company account info.

Supports multiple output formats

OfflineBackup allows you to save the obtained data to XML, JSON or CSV files, and the default output location can be changed at any time. QuickBooks limits each downloaded file to a maximum of 1000 records, so particularly large databases will be split into multiple documents.

By default, the application adds tabs and line breaks when exporting data to XML and JSON files to make the documents easier to read, but it is possible to disable this function and save the data in its original form.

Simple-to-use program that includes a detailed user manual

While most users should not run into any issues while using the software, the available documentation should prove to be very helpful whenever explanations are required.

To sum up, OfflineBackup is a reliable utility that enables QuickBooks Online users to save their company account data locally in a few simple steps. It offers multiple backup options, secures your authorization codes and comes with an extensive user manual.



6MB of free hard disk space

Screen resolution set to at least 800×600

Internet connection

What’s new :

Bug Fixes & Other Refinements:

Minor improvements to error reporting and log file messages.

All code libraries used by OfflineBackup were updated to their latest versions.

Please Note: The encryption method used to encrypt passwords and access codes has been updated. Any QuickBooks Online access codes stored by older versions of OfflineBackup will become invalid, and the program will need to be re-authorised to access QuickBooks Online for each company.




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