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Drive Snapshot creates an exact Disk Image of your system into a file, including the operating system, installed programs, your data and all security attributes – while windows is running and you continue to work. Drive Snapshot it allows you to backup your partition or your hard disk drive and it also can create a disk image of your system. If disaster strikes (a virus, trojan, or hard disk crash), a complete and exact restauration of your system will be possible in only few minutes. The image file can be mounted as a virtual drive, so you can easily restore (or use) single files or directories, using the Windows Explorer, or other program.

Here are some key features of “Drive Snapshot”:

• Create Disk Image Backups, while running Windows

• There is no restart (to DOS) necessary. Never.

• Continue your work, while the Backup is in progress

• The new Snapshot technology ensures, that all data are consistent, and reflect the PC’s data at the start of backup. There are no difficulties with opened files. Never.

• This enables a very fast and easy way to backup servers and other computers, that must run 24 hours a day.

• Easy Use and Restore of single Files or directories

• Drive Snapshot creates a virtual drive, containing all your drives data. You may use, compare, or restore these files directly from the Disk Image file.

• This works with any program of your choice, including (of course) the Windows Explorer

• Complete Restore of a disk in case of Disaster

• If a disk is restored to it’s original state, it will be exactly the same as at the time of Backup – byte for byte.

• Restoring a system partition will require DOS; other drives can be restored using Windows

• Compatible to all Windows file systems (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS)

• Compatible to all Windows RAID Methods

• Very easy and comprehensive command line interface

• This makes automation of regular tasks a breeze.

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