Shift Work Calendar (FlexR Pro) v7.9.8 | 6 Mb

Requirements: Android 5.0+

FlexR Pro is THE #1 app for people who work in varying shifts, giving you all options you want in an app for keeping track of your work schedule! The app shows a clear view of your personal schedule for the coming weeks, but also your schedule of the past. Paired with the ability to sync all of your schedule to your Google Agenda, the app communicates with all your Google apps perfectly.

The app gives you the opportunity to quickly make a report of your worked hours, including your salary.

All YOU have to do, is to tell the app when you have to work. The app does the rest!

Another great feature is the auto-backup function, this prevents you from losing all your data when switching devices, this can even be turned on or off!

Some great functions:

• Cloud-sync to other devices

• Google Drive backup

• Google Calendar sync

• Easy entering working schedule

• One-click report

• shift expenses

• View your salary in an eyewink

• Handy widgets for a quick view


• New icons

• Correction in overtime calculation.

• Timer Widget improved

• Calendar setting to show worked time in decimal format: 8,5 (default 8:30)

• Calendar setting to hide pause time

• Problem with restoring backups fixed (7.9.5)

• New setting for following Android system dark theme (7.9.6)

• Backup issue on android 10 fixed (7.9.7)


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