Bookly – Read More Books v1.3.0 | 43.3 Mb

Requirements: Android 5.1+

Bookly helps you track and manage your books, make a habit out of reading and see your progress over time. Reading is an important part of our lives and now with Bookly you can make sure to read every day in the form of a daily workout. Track your reading in real time and get access to awesome stats that will help you improve and read even more.


• Track and manage your entire library of books

• Setup book Collections to easily manage your books

• Track your reading in real time, start daily reading sessions

• Add quotes, thoughts and unknown words for each book

• Get book details by searching online

• Gather tons of insightful stats:

• total read time

• total pages read

• reading speed

• time read per day

• pages read per day

• days you read in a row

• most days you read in a row

• and many more

• Setup monthly or yearly goals

• monthly goals allows you to set up the number of hours or pages you want to read during a month or any other time period you might want

• yearly goals allows you to set up the number of books you want to read during a year

• Unlock many achievements that can help you stay motivated and read even more.

• Generate awesome infographics for every book you finish

• Never lose a book again, mark a book as lent and enter the name to whom you gave it

• Remember to give back the books you borrow by entering the person from whom you borrowed them


We have finally added one of the most requested features, dark mode. You can now also see all your reading sessions in one place in the stats screen. Happy Reading!


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