AFT Impulse 7.0.1122 Build 2020.01.30 | 320.7 Mb


AFT Impulse is a powerful dynamic simulation and analysis software used to calculate pressure surge transients in liquid piping systems caused by waterhammer.

Easily model a wide range of system components and surge devices

Understand the transient response of your system, knowing how valves, pumps and other components will dynamically interact with each other.

Evaluate the effect of pressure surges due to vapor cavity collapse by modeling vapor cavitation and liquid column separation.

Validate the design of safety features to produce safer, more economical pipe systems.

Primary Features of AFT Impulse 7

Advanced transient solver based on Method of Characteristics

Built-in steady-state solver to automatically initialize waterhammer transient

Detailed pump inertial modeling for trips and start-ups including state-of-the-art, four quadrant methods

Built-in library of fluids and fittings

Models liquid column separation caused by transient cavitation

Extensive cavitation modeling

Scenario Manager to track all design variants and operational possibilities in a single model file with data linkage

Comprehensive relief valve modeling

Integrated graphing and reporting

Animation features to dynamically graph transients

Create video files from animations to share your results

Generates force imbalance files that can be automatically read into CAESAR II ® and TRIFLEX ® pipe stress dynamic models

Built-in intelligence to guide you in building better models

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