FullReader – all e-book formats reader v4.2.1 build 191 | 26.2 / 27.2 Mb


Requirements: Android 4.1+

FullReader is a multi-featured application for reading e-books, viewing PDF and DjVu files, magazines, comic strips, in addition to listening audio-books and performing basic operations with documents.

Compatible formats:

• fb2, ePub, txt, PDF, doc, docx, cbr, cbz, rtf, DjVu, DjV, html, htm, mobi, xps, oxps, odt, rar, zip, 7z, MP3.

Cozy and stylish interface:

• Amicable interface with clear, transparent navigation and convenient arrangement of all features and tools.

File manager:

• Convenient explorer with possibility of device memory scan to search all compliant formats, built-in feature of searching books by various criteria, considering miscellaneous parameters, and full-featured toolset for operations with files.

My library:

• The app section with well-structured composition of sorting books by diverse parameters, with an opportunity to generate list of favorites and make up personal collections.

Cloud storages:

• With the aid of such storages, as Google Drive DropBox, and OneDrive, you may considerably minimize using the memory of your gadget, and sync books with several devices


• Add your preferable libraries and download required e-books directly within the reader!

Reading aloud:

• The capability to reproduce text aloud with multiple adjustable parameters: TTS engine, speed and tone of reading and voice, color of highlighting the text fragment being read.

Embedded translator:

• Integrated in-app translator supports operations with 95 languages worldwide without the need to install additional dictionaries.

Notes and bookmarks:

• Attach colorful notes to the text, emphasizing important instants and bookmarks on peculiar pages! Management of notes and bookmarks being generated is accessible directly in the reading form of a book, and in the special section of the applet menu. All notes are grouped by books and can be exported into distinct external document.

Day/night modes:

• Optimal color schemes of open book form design for comfortable reading of e-books in different daytime, with the capability to configure automatic switch of modes.


• The possibility to configure quick access to specific features and applet tools precisely during reading process.


• Reader affords wide settings list. All configurations are divided among: quick (accessible in a reading form), advanced and general.

Book info:

• The section, which contains detailed info about the book, with the ability to edit and add new data, as well toolset for basic operations with the book.


• The support of operations with files, encoded into MP3 format. In addition to audio-playback, you may generate bookmarks on the playback form, make up your own personalized playlists and control the overall reading process.

Widgets and book shortcuts:

• Generate book shortcuts and use widgets for quick switch to reading form directly from the display of your device.


• The reader is entirely adapted and translated into common worldwide languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese.


• Added the option of synchronization between various devices – reading position, recents, bookmarks and notes. More details: We will be grateful for extended feedback:

• Implemented a solution to choose payment type for the ads removal – subsription (monthly payment), or one-time purchase.

• We would like to remind, that the ads in full-screen reading mode is absent.


for ARMv7a CPU

 for ARM64v8a CPU

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