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Wondershare MobileTrans Multilingual MacOSX

File Size: 48.6 MB

1 Click to Transfer Content Between iPhone & Android. Transfer over all of your data – including contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps – with no risk or loss of quality. Make moving to your new device an easy transition with this Mac phone transfer tool (fully compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, iOS 9). You can transfer over all of your data – including contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps – with no risk or loss of quality.

1-Click Phone to Phone Transfer

– Simple, click-through, process.

– Move data between devices with different operating systems, i.e iOS to Android.

– Transfer photos, text messages, and many other file types.

Supports Almost All Devices

– Works perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and more smartphones and tablets.

– Fully compatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Intuitive Process

– Download, install and run MobileTrans Phone Transfer

– Connect both of your devices to your computer

– Click “Start Transfer”.

100% Secure

You are the only one who can access your information.

Zero Data Loss

Existing files will not be overwritten, unless you choose to delete them.

Backup & Restore

MobileTrans can also be used to create a backup of your data on a third device.

Phone to Phone Transfer

It only takes one click to transfer data between two devices. Android, iOS, and WinPhone devices supported.

Create Backups and Restore Data

Transfer files to any device or computer to create a backup which you can retrieve data from later.

Wipe Your Old Phone

Mac users have the option of permanently deleting all of the transferred data from the original device.

Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later

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iDatabase 4.1 macOS

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit | File size: 24.2 MB

With iDatabase, you can manage membership lists, expenses, projects, keep track of your passwords, internet accounts and much more! You can choose from its ready to use and easy to personalize database templates to organize any type of information or you can create a totally new database from scratch. Database allows you to catalog all the information you want and then easily find it whenever you need.


Choose from 22 ready-to-use database templates which you can personalize to fit your needs. The following templates are included: Accounts, Books, CD Collection, Classes, Computers, Contacts, Customers, DVD Collection, Events, Exercise Log, Expenses, Inventory, Membership List, Mobile Phones, Movie Catalog, Notes, Pet Care, Projects, Recipes, Records, To Do, Vehicle Maintenance.


With iDatabase, you have a large number of different fields to enter your information. iDatabase lets you store your data in 14 different types of fields:

• Small text: use small text fields to store characters of letters, symbols, and numbers used as text in a single line of text without scrolling bar.

• Large text: use large text fields to store characters of letters, symbols, and numbers used as text in a multi line of text with scrolling bar.

• Number: use number fields to store integers or decimals numbers.

• Date: use date fields to store dates.

• Time: use time fields to store time.

• Date and time: use Date and Time fields to store a date and time together to reference a fixed point in calendar time.

• Image: use image fields to store images.

• Choose: use choose fields to present a list of mutually exclusive choices. Item picker fields are used as a means of selecting one choice from a list of two or many.

• Calculation Field: use calculation fields to present the result of a arithmetic operation between number fields content. A calculation field can be a result of addition, multiplication, ratio and subtraction.

• Email: use Email fields to store email addresses.

• Link: use Web link fields to store web links, FTP addresses or other URLs.

• Checkbox: use checkboxes fields to indicate one option that must be either on or off.

• Password: use password fields to store passwords or any other sensible text data.

• Phone: use phone fields to store phone numbers.


The application can be protected by an access code to prevent unauthorized use.


iDatabase for Mac can be synchronized via Wi-Fi with iDatabase for iPhone (sold separately). The app supports Backup and Restore, Exporting and Importing of databases in .idatabase and .CSV formats. The .idatabase files preserve the complete content and structure of the database, including pictures and they can also be used by iPhone version of iDatabase.

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DEVONthink Pro Office 2.9.17 macOS

Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 39.6 MB

Document management reinvented. DEVONthink Pro Office is your Mac paperless office. It stores all your documents, helps you keep them organized, and presents you with what you need to get the job done.

– Keep your data together in one place

– Scan your paper, archive your email

– Let artificial intelligence help you file your data

– Sync your data to all your devices, fast and secure

– Share your data with anyone, whether they use Mac or PC

Get organized, effortlessly

– DEVONthink keeps your valuable data organized and presents it in the way you want.

– DEVONthink keeps all your information in one easy-to-backup database, and presents it to you in a variety of ways optimized to your work style. Multiple views help you quickly navigate your data.

– Many documents can be viewed and edited inline, without resorting to Quick Look or opening another app. Read webpages as if they were local documents.

Be more productive

– Don’t fight the information flood by yourself. DEVONthink is smart and actively assists you with its built-in artificial intelligence.

– Let DEVONthink automatically file new documents for you based on how you filed similar documents. Later, the advanced search function retrieves the documents that you need for your task, while smart groups present related data together. Quickly find similar documents using keywords extracted from the document and the unique “See also” function.

Create something new

– It’s not about data, it’s about creating something meaningful from it. DEVONthink is your information power tool.

– Collect, analyze, summarize, write: With DEVONthink you have all you need in one app that actively supports your workflow. View all your data in one place, use our innovative approach to tags to quickly organize documents, and write in the enhanced rich text editor. Use manual or automatic Wiki-style links to effortlessly cross-reference your work.

– DEVONthink’s two full screen modes help you stay focused, while smart templates are a great starting point for new documents.

Your data, no boundaries

– Wherever your data comes from and whatever you want to do with it, DEVONthink provides you with the best tools and as much metadata as possible.

– Store your documents in the self-contained database or simply reference them by using the index feature. Clip data from other apps with just a keystroke, adding it to the GTD®-like inbox for later filing, or take notes with the Take Note panel or the Dashboard widget. Browser extensions, the Services menu, and the Sorter panel integrate DEVONthink with your workflow.

– Send links to your documents to any app which handles web addresses (URLs), e.g. OmniFocus or Mail, or export your documents in their original file format. DEVONthink doesn’t hold your data hostage.

Keep everything in sync — fast, robust, and secure

– Use your databases on all your Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Collaborate in your team. It’s ultra-fast, super robust, and strong encryption keeps prying eye out.

– Sync your data directly on the local network, via WebDAV or Dropbox, or using just anything mountable, e.g. a USB stick or SD card. You decide what data is synced, when, and to which locations. Full AES 256 bit encryption keep everyone out who you don’t want to let in. Your data belongs to you, not to your service provider or us.

– Carry your important data with you all the time with DEVONthink To Go 2 (available soon). Use the same database on all your team’s Macs but let everyone work independently by regularly synchronizing new work on the local network, an NAS, or internet-based file service.

The Pro advantage

– DEVONthink grows with your needs. DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office support your personal work style with many advanced options.

– Use separate databases for each project, and let automatic grouping create order from chaos. Add RSS feeds to your database to automatically import new articles, or download and archive full websites. The concordance gives you a real-time analysis of your data.

– AppleScript support, Automator actions, and script-driven smart templates let you integrate DEVONthink with other software. The sky’s the limit!

Scan, archive, share — with DEVONthink Pro Office:

Go paperless now

– Let’s face it. Even though we use our computers as much as possible, paper happens. Letters, invoices, receipts, magazine articles can join your digital files, scanned and fully searchable. Just place your document scanner right above your wastebasket.

– DEVONthink Pro Office works with all scanners compatible with OS X’s Image Capture and uses ABBYY FineReader technology for making scans searchable.

Archive your email, too

– Using DEVONthink is all about creating a seamless workflow. Add your email to your database and mix it freely with other files relevant to your projects. Email yourself documents and use rules in Apple Mail to add them to your database automatically. DEVONthink Pro Office even integrates your favorite instant messaging apps..

– DEVONthink Pro Office stores messages transparently in their original format.

Share your knowledge

– Don’t keep valuable knowledge to yourself — share it. DEVONthink Pro Office’s built-in web server gives your teammates, colleagues, and friends access to your collected data. They can browse, search, and download your documents or upload files to your inbox.

– Port forwarding makes your databases available from anywhere in the world, and password-protection keeps prying eyes out.



● Support for sheets created by DEVONthink To Go 2.4

● Insert Link To submenu added to the contextual menu of editable plain text and Markdown documents

● URL command “x-devonthink://search?query=” added for initiating a search

● Optional “method” AppleScript parameter added to specify the http method when downloading documents

● “last downloaded response” AppleScript property added to retrieve the last HTTP-Status code and more


● Web interface is compatible again to other platforms and modern browsers.

● Improved display of webserver addresses in Preferences > Server

● Pressing Delete or ⌫ Backspace deletes the PDF pages currently selected in the PDF sidebar.

● The Edit > Find commands search from the current page of PDF documents if no text is selected.

● PDF annotations and text entered into PDF forms are now searchable; improves the recognition of duplicates too.

● Dropping email messages from Apple Mail skips already imported messages.

● Email messages can be imported even though some messages may not yet have been loaded.

● Audio documents can now, e.g., resume playback after closing and reopening the document.

● Foreground and background colors for Markdown documents can be customized by linked stylesheets or Preferences > Web.

● Pressing the ⌘ Command modifier key when dragging from other apps doesn’t move the items anymore if the source app doesn’t support this.

● Improved validation of Format > Add Link

● Improved Clip to DEVONthink web browser extension

● Databases located in cloud folders can’t be opened anymore but can be relocated or revealed in the Finder.

● An existing DEVONthink Personal database is now copied to ~/Databases after launching DEVONthink Pro Office for the first time.

● Improved appearance of email attachments in alternate email view

● Improved appearance of label colors in menus

● OCR retains extended attributes (e.g., Finder tags) of source files

● Improved handling of .textbundle document packages doesn’t depend on installed third-party software anymore.

● Improved automatic naming of clipped Markdown documents

● Improved HTML/XML and email character set and encoding support

● Much faster Go > Go to page in case of very long PDF documents

● Improved reliability of database name handling

● Improved reliability of capturing and thumbnailing dynamic and asynchronous websites

● Improved reliability of thumbnailing PDF documents

● Improved responsiveness of the Download Manager

● Optimized email archiving

● Improved queuing of clipping web pages for reduced server load

● Improved logging

● Improved bug reporting

● Improved overall reliability and performance

Improved (Sync)

● Validating WebDAV URLs accepts hosts without a dot

● Improved compatibility to WebDAV servers, e.g., older Microsoft IIS versions

● Improved reliability of sync status

● Improved French localization

● Improved error logging and handling


● Fixed an issue where document properties equal to the item’s title were filtered from the internal metadata store

● Fixed an issue where found occurences in PDF documents weren’t highlighted on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 and later (Workaround)

● Fixed an issue where highlights in PDF thumbnails were not visible on macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 and later (Workaround)

● Fixed an issue where processing large numbers of PDF pages in the background on macOS (High) Sierra caused memory peaks (Workaround)

● Fixed an issue where DEVONthink Pro Office tried to open a database again after canceling the prompt to open protected databases on launch

● Fixed an issue where some email messages with a non-empty subject couldn’t be imported from Apple Mail via drag-and-drop

● Fixed an issue where temporary files were not removed after dropping links from other applications to DEVONthink Pro Office

● Fixed an issue where the Data > Capture menu items weren’t disabled for Markdown documents, formatted notes, and local HTML pages without a URL

● Fixed an issue where the displayed location of items was sometimes the one in the trash even if locations outside the trash existed

● Fixed an issue where the favorites in contextual menus weren’t alphanumerically sorted

● Fixed an issue where the navigation bar displayed a UUID for external HTML documents

● Fixed an issue where the navigation bar wasn’t always updated after renaming items

● Fixed an issue where the sidebar sorting of opened databases wasn’t updated after renaming a database

● Fixed an issue where thumbnailing PDF pages could fail

● Fixed an issue related to refreshing RSS feeds

● Fixed an issue related to temporary placeholders of the PDF sidebar while creating thumbnails

● Fixed a rare crash related to importing or converting encrypted email messages

● Fixed a rare crash related to previewing Markdown and HTML documents

Requirements: Mac running OS X 10.9 or later.


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Downie 3.3.1 Multilingual

File Size: 33.8 MB

Downie may seem like a simple drag-and-drop app – and it is and isn’t at the same time! It is designed to be simple to use – just drag and drop a link onto Downie and it will download the video on that site. It isn’t simply another YouTube-downloader: Downie supports at this moment over 160 different sites! The full list may be viewed in Downie’s preferences, under the Sites tab.

Key features:

• Supports many sites – currently supports over 160 different sites (including YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and the number is rapidly growing.

• Postprocessing – need your video in MP4 for iTunes? Or want just the audio track? No problem, Downie can handle this for you automatically!

• Quick support – I respond to emails usually within 24 hours and often add support for requested sites in the next update.

• Fast updates – Downie is updated about once a week with new features, sites supported, etc.

Here’s a few tips for using Downie:

• To start, you can drag a link from any browser either on Downie’s window, or the icon in the Dock.

• If you have more links, or links within some text, just drop the whole thing onto Downie – it will scan the text for links.

• You can use copy and paste as well – just press Command-O in Downie and you can insert all the links in the world!

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W. A. Production InstaChord v1.0.2 MacOSX

File Size : 42.7 MB

Do you have issues creating the perfect chord progression? Are you not keen on music theory enough to know what notes sound good with others? Well, we know your pain. W. A. Production has been a monster in the world of plugins these last few months.

With things like Pumper, Helper, The King and ComBear under our belt, we know exactly what it is that producers need and exactly how to deliver that. We believe we struck GOLD with this new plugin, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it so be prepared. We mentioned before about the struggles of creating amazing chord progressions, well what if there was an amazing recourse that can do that for you with just a click of a note?

We bring you InstaChord! A MIDI Processing Plugin that helps you play chords and chord progressions in a very simple way. InstaChord comes with features like;

– A long list of common chords to choose from (maj, min, sus, etc.)

– ALL chords come with different voicing.

– 24 fretting keys to set and choose chords.

– 24 picking keys to set and play chords.

– Hit the chords with only ONE key or play their notes separately.

– Transpose all the chords up or down at once.

– Customize mapping for fretting and picking keys.

Chord progressions and chords in general are a very important part in all genres of music, especially EDM. EDM having the most dynamic range of chords and elements than most genres. So we get that it is SUPER important to have a catchy and rhythmic chord set up.

InstaChord adds a major ease to creating these catchy chords by basically doing it for you but allowing you to 100% customize how the chords are strummed, what notes are in the progression, velocity, and the octave you want it set it. Below are some of the features that InstaChord comes with with a few details on them.

Though Chords on keyboards and guitars are voiced a bit differently due to the string tuning and their orders, InstaChord includes different chord voicing modes and at this current moment keyboard and guitar modes are available.

InstaChord has this amazing ability that if the key of the track changes, you can use the transpose buttons to move all the chords up and down. Another amazing thing is you can also bypass the process if you need to play the target instrument in a normal way. InstaChord also comes with an amazing variety of Presets to choose from.

2 Different Keyboards

InstaChord comes with this amazing Keyboard that is basically 2 different types of keyboards. We included this for a number of reasons, however the main one is because you need to know the difference between the note or notes you are actually playing on either you MIDI Keyboard or Computer Keyboard versus the Chords and Action that InstaChord is putting out via your customization. That’s basically what the difference is, one section is the physical notes you are playing, the other is the Chord(s) and Action you set InstaChord to play.

Change Modes

InstaChord comes with this amazing tool bar at the top of the plugin. In this section you are able to do some amazing things to the plugin overall to make things a little more unique. For example, you can change InstaChord’s overall octave either up or down. You can adjust the Hold Mode to either Pick or Fret, you can change the MIDI mode between Process or Pass, and (I don’t know what the C1 means.)

Chord A and Chord B Sections

InstaChord is stocked with two sets of Chord sections, Chords A and Chords B. Both of these sections have 12 keys that allows you to change the Root Note, the Chord, Voicing and the Octave inside each key. This will be activated when that key is played. Both of the Chord Sections have different ranges, for example Chords A ranges from C3-B3, and Chord B ranges from C4-B4.

Fretting Keys

InstaChord comes with the amazing ability to fret chords. There are 12 sets of menus for each chord group, and they are ordered from bottom (C) to top (B) like the piano roll from your host. Each set has 4 menus and they can be used to set the chords. Here is a more details list;

– A: Chord Root (C, C#, etc.)

– B: Chord Mode (Major, Minor, etc.)

– C: Chord Voicing. Here you can select a voicing mode for chords. These modes have the same notes but in slightly different orders.

– D: Chord Octave.

– E: Use the LED switch to select the chord by mouse.

InstaChord is going to change the world of writing chords. The simple layout and detailed customization of each progression makes InstaChord a must have plugin. It will speed the process of your track writing up like crazy while still allowing you to add your creative flow.

Action Section

The sections Picks A and Picks B display keys from the selected octave (C5-B5 and C6-B6). The same for Chords A and Chords B, however in these sections you can select how you want the chords that you set in the Chords A and Chords B section to be played. You have choices like Strum Up or Down, Fast or Slow, Only Certain Notes etc. After you have this section adjusted to your favor, you can hit the Chords Key and the Pick Key and you will get the chord with the selected progression.

Picking Keys

InstaChord also comes with the ability of picking keys. This is where you can set the action for picking keys. Like the chord group, these menus are ordered from bottom to top representing an octave for each pick group. There is so much more to Picking Keys like;

– Hit: Plays all the notes of the chord at once. You can choose any combination of the 6 notes of the chord.

– Strum: These actions will strum the chords up or down with different speeds and any combination of the six notes.

– Bass: Plays the root note of the chord but one octave lower than the reset.

– 1st, 6th Notes: These keys play individual notes of the chord. Depending on the voicing mode they may have different values but the first note is usually the root. You can see the notes on the keyboard and display panel.

– Octave -/+: Use these keys to shift the octave up or down using MIDI notes.

– Transpose -/+: Use these keys to transpose the chords up or down.

– All Notes OFF: It does what it says, sends an off message for all of the notes.

InstaChord has some other minor and somewhat hidden features like the following;

– Transpose: Use these buttons to shift all the chords up or down. This is extremely handy when you want to transpose the current chord progression to another key!

– C1: Note names may vary from one host to another. For example, FL Studio names MIDI Note #0, C (0), and Logic Pro names it C(-2). Use this parameter to match the names on the plug-in with your DAW and eliminate the confusion.

– Menu: You can SAVE or LOAD presets and access the “About Page”. InstaChord comes with a crazy amount of presets already, so if you can create your own you have a ton to choose from. You can also switch to the “About Page” by clicking on the InstaChord Logo.

– Output Keyboard and Display Panel: Here you can see the current chord and its notes. These notes are painted blue on the keyboard too, they turn green while playing. You can also use the mouse to play.

And MANY more features that you can check out in InstaChord itself and its Manual.

InstaChord can be used in DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) like Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Cubase and MORE! The team at W. A. Production are super excited to release this beast to the masses of beginner or professional producers all around the world. If we haven’t convinced you enough, you can try InstaChord for free with our demo. But, we are fairly certain you will want to pick up this innovative and incredible MIDI Processing Plugin. Thank you to everyone who grabs a copy of InstaChord, we hope you enjoy and.

What’s new:

+ Added a new voice mode: Wide.

+ Updated the guitar voicing modes for most of the chords and replaced them with better sounding or more realistic ones.

+ Updated some of the basic and inverted chords with a better arranged ones.

+ Renamed 11b5 to 11b9 which was the correct name for the chord.

+ Preset manager now scans for one layer of subfolders and lists them on the menu to help organizing the presets.

+ Added Lock buttons for each part so they won’t be effected when loading a preset.

+ Octave, Hold Mode and C1 values will not be changed when loading a preset.

+ Fixed an issue with notes getting stuck in Logic Pro on some machines.

+ New option on the menu to copy preset files to Instachord’s preset folder.

+ Full list of chords that their guitar voicing mode has been modified in this update:

6, Min6, 7, 7Sus4, 7#9 (updated all), 7b9 (+ 2nd inv fix),7#5#9, 7#5b9, 7b5b, 7add11 (+ inv fix), 7add11, 7add13 (updated all),7#11, Maj7 (+ 2nd inv fix), Maj7b5, Maj7#11 (+ inv fix), Maj7#11 (updated all), Majadd13 (+inv fix), Min7add11, minMaj7add11, 9 (+Inv fix), 9sus4 (+inv fix), add9 (+ inv fix), 9#5, 9#11, 9b5, Maj9#5, Maj9#11, Min9, Min9b5,Min9Maj7,11, 11b9 (name fixed), Maj11, Min11, MinMaj11, 13, 13#9, 13b9, 13b5b9,Maj13, Min13, MinMaj13.


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Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol v2.0.0 macXOS

File Size : 334.3 MB


Bold design, superior build quality, and premium Fatar keybeds in four sizes

Intuitive Smart Play features inspire musical creativity

Total connectivity – NKS for superior plug-in integration, plus full VST, DAW and hardware control


The KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series combines smart, elegantly-designed keyboards with advanced control software to form a fully integrated centerpiece for studio and stage – matchless control over all your software instruments from one award-winning keyboard.


The KOMPLETE KONTROL software is constantly evolving, and the latest software update is the biggest yet. It introduces Native Kontrol Standard® (NKS) – a new plug-in format which unlocks KOMPLETE KONTROL so that third-party instruments can access the Light Guide, Smart Play features, and more – with all instrument parameters intelligently mapped. VST support opens the gates to your entire software instrument library. And welcome KOMPLETE KONTROL S88 – a pro keyboard with fully weighted, hammer-action keys.


KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.0.0 – 2018-04-09

After updating KOMPLETE KONTROL or installing a new KOMPLETE or NKS instrument,

run KOMPLETE KONTROL as a stand-alone application before using it as a plug-in

When running the stand-alone version of KOMPLETE KONTROL for the first time,

open Preferences > MIDI and enable all MIDI input ports for the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard

For host integration setup, refer to the online KOMPLETE KONTROL documentation. KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK1 and MK2 users upgrading from a previous version of KOMPLETE KONTROL must replace the Ableton Live scripts for Ableton Live integration to function correctly. Please refer to the KnowledgeBase article Setting Up Ableton Live for KOMPLETE KONTROL.

ADDED Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) FX Plug-in Support

NKS FX brings the familiarity and immediacy of the NKS experience to FX plug-ins

Full integration with the Native Browser and intelligent parameter mapping via Native Map

ADDED VST FX Plug-in Support

Load any VST FX plug-in via the Plug-in Bar, customise mappings, and save user presets in the Native Browser

ADDED KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 Mixer Page Indicators

Channel Mute and Solo state indicators on the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 Mixer page in Logic Pro X, GarageBand, Ableton Live, Cubase and Nuendo

Channel Record Arm state indicators on the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 Mixer page in Ableton Live

IMPROVED Behaviour of KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK1 and MK2 PRESET UP / PRESET DOWN buttons is now consistent in all modes

FIXED Intermittent crash when navigating tracks in Logic Pro X

FIXED Intermittent crashes when quitting KOMPLETE KONTROL

FIXED Master and Output channels are no longer greyed-out on the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 Mixer page in Logic Pro X

FIXED Level meters match the software on the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 Mixer page in Ableton Live

FIXED KOMPLETE KONTROL remembers hosted plug-ins that are missing on the system


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Audio Damage AD045 ADverb2 v2.0.0 MacOSX

File Size : 9.2 MB

ADverb2 is a full update of our classic ADverb (originally named “Reverence”) vintage digital plate reverb. We took the DSP code from the original, greatly expanded the maximum decay time, and created versions for all popular plugin platforms.


» Simple-to-use reverb settings, with pre-delay, time, and size, plus an extensive filtering section to shape the reverb tail.

» Logical vintage-style user interface, vector-based for resizability and future-proofing.

» XML-based cross-platform preset manager, with copy and paste. (You can even move presets between the iOS version and the desktop version with Handoff.)

» Optimized reverb algorithm for low CPU load

The ADverb2 download includes 32/64-bit VST and VST3, and 64-bit AAX for Windows 8.1 or greater, and as a Universal Binary AU/VST/VST3/AAX for OSX (10.9 or greater).

Whats New:

Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


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Native Instruments Effects Series Mod Pack MacOSX

File Size : 160 MB

MOD PACK takes three classic modulation effects – chorus, flanger, and phaser – and adds never-before-seen features. Each offers spectacular new creative possibilities, plus stunningly convincing vintage-sounding results, making MOD PACK an essential upgrade from your conventional modulation effects.

CHORAL: Classic Chorus AND MORE

CHORAL takes sonic inspiration from some of the most prized chorus effects of the last 40 years – including iconic rack-mount and synth-based ‘unison’ effects. Add width, movement, sheen, and shimmer to any signal, or take advantage of an all-new feedback mode, Scatter. It avoids the unpleasant metallic quality of heavy feedback settings in traditional designs, instead creating an entirely new reverb-like effect.

The unifying factor of all the classics that inspired CHORAL is that they featured little, if any, customization options. On, Off, and Type, were typically the only controls. CHORAL, on the other hand, offers many custom parameters.

The number of chorus voices can be set progressively from one to three, the sync rate can be manually altered, as can the modulation rate, amount, mix, delay time, stereo width, and feedback (the latter offering an entirely new routing option, called Scatter).


FLAIR turns the classic flanger on its head. Not satisfied simply recreating vintage analog tape and pedal flanging effects – though it does both beautifully – FLAIR adds a revolutionary new Voices mode which uses multiple delay lines to create tuned harmonic flanging layers and resonances. It even features 24 chord settings, offering a variety of chords and note intervals.

In addition to the revolutionary features on offer, FLAIR is capable of traditional lush tape and pedal-style flanging, offering all the parameters you would commonly expect, such as tempo-synced pitch modulation.

Sound-enhancing features include Detune for offsetting the pitch of the flanging, Feedback for thickening the flanging (complete with adjustable damping control to roll off high frequencies and soften the effect at high feedback values), and Width, for creating stereo flanging.


PHASIS offers timeless phasing sounds – adding movement, soul, and creative magic to any signal. PHASIS draws inspiration from classic phasers but adds powerful new features for never-heard-before results. For example, the Spread control changes the spacing of the phaser’s notches, for vocal-style effects. Ultra mode pushes modulation to ultra high rates, producing unique FM-esque tones.

Though offering a lush, analog-inspired sound, reminiscent of some of the finest rackmount and pedal-housed phaser effects, PHASIS’ unique Spread control allows wah-wah and formant-style filtering effects, but with a highly distinct sonic flavour.

Spread adjusts the density of peaks and notches in the spectrum, and whether set to a single value, controlled live or with automation, or flipped with the Invert button, Spread provides a fresh take on both phasing and vowel-filtering.

With up to 12 notches, a powerful stereo spread function, extensive tempo-sync options, and all the controls you would expect on a professional phaser, PHASIS is already a formidable modulation device, but ULTRA takes things to new territory.

Engaging ULTRA raises the maximum modulation speed from 8.37kHz up to an incredible 477.3kHz allowing some extraordinary FM-style effects that have never been heard before, capable of transforming even white noise into an exciting sound.

Whats New:

Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


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XLN Audio Addictive Trigger Complete 1.1.1 MacOSX

File Size : 1.14 GB

Addictive Trigger is an intelligent plugin that replaces drum sounds and uses new smart technologies (Audio Fingerprint ™ and SuperStart ™) to make the process simple and inconspicuous. These new technologies, combined with the best sounds and possibilities from Addictive Drums 2, represent the fastest, most accurate and fun way to bring your recorded live drums to a whole new level. Just run the Addictive Trigger and you are ready for action. Accurate detection and outstanding sounds in one plugin.

Year of manufacture: 2017

Version: 1.1.1

Developer: XLN Audio

Developer’s website: XLN Audio

Platform: Intel

Format: VST, AU

Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit

Language: English

Tablet: Files to replace.

System requirements: OS X / macOS 10.7 – 10.11 (32/64 bit) \ 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

What NEws?

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


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TimeExposure ProSelect Pro 2018r1.1 macOS

Languages: English | File Size: 418.7 MB

In-Person Sales Software for Photographers. TimeExposure’s ProSelect and ProSelect Pro are the leading cross-platform In-Person Presentation, Sales and Workflow software packages for professional studios.

Run a professional in-person sales session

As an all-in-one program, ProSelect makes it easy to run a smooth professional in-person or remote sales presentation that your clients will love.

No hard sell

ProSelect makes it easy to sell large framed prints, huge canvases, collages, books, cards, wall groupings… almost anything! No hard sell required – just show and sell.

Personalize the experience

Show your products at actual size on images of your client’s own walls. They will love it and buy with confidence.

No more ordering mistakes

Record your retouching notes, add ordered products to the shopping cart and print an order report/invoice with thumbnail images for your client to sign.

Easy add-ons

It’s easy to sell add-ons such as books, cards and collages to give your sales a boost.*1

Slideshows for impact and sale

Design and present an emotional slideshow with music. Add title slides & even video for more drama. Export your slideshow as a .mp4 movie for promotion or sale.

Boost your profits

Most businesses using ProSelect achieve at least a 50% increase in sales. Many report doubling or even tripling their average sales! This often means that you can pay for the cost of the software with the extra profits from the first few times that you use it.

Get your life back

ProSelect’s Hi-Res Production module automates Photoshop to produce a folder full of lab ready images, collages and book pages while you have your feet up!

System Requirements:

– (OSX 10.9+ recommended)

– Minimum Hardware: 1.6GHz Intel with 6GB RAM

– Recommended Hardware: 2GHz+ Intel with 8GB+ RAM.

– PPC supported only up until version 2012r2.x