Free Dos Games V1.3.1.0 | 13 Mb

Free Dos Games gives you the opportunity to play your favorite old dos games on your current machine without any knowledge from dos.

Free Dos Games comes standard without any game in it, Free Dos Games will download the game when you want actually play that game and then the game will stay on your pc unless you push the button in the right upper corner of the thumbnail to delete him, on this way way your computer stays clean from unwanted games on your harddisk.

You will see a list of games on the left side of Free Dos Games, when you click once on a game title Free Dos Games shows 1 thumbnail and a description of the game. When you want more you can click ‘More info’ to view a website with more information about the game of your choice.


Free Dos Games 1.0 (Released 21-09-2016):

* First release of Free Dos games.

* You can play 12 games in total.

* View information about each game.

Free Dos Games (Released 23-09-2016):

* 9 Games added

Free Dos Games (Released 24-09-2016):

* Changed message when there is no internet.

* Changed wrong version number.

* 2 games added (The need for Speed and Theme-Hospital).

* Change location of the More info button.

* Change the look of the play game button.

* No overlapping tittle begind the more info button

* Showing a download progress when downloading game info.

* Small code changes

Free Dos Games (Released 25-09-2016):

* Showed a progress bar when unpacking a game after download.

* Bug fix: Keep showing the thumbnail after deleting a game.

* Game list will be downloaded when starting the program.

* The latest available game list will show when there is no internet.

* Shows the amount of games after the categorie title.

* Shows the total available games in each categorie.

Free Dos Games (Released 26-09-2016):

* Possebility to edit the dosbox.conf (for advanced users)

* Some small code changes

Free Dos Games (Released 28-09-2016):

* Funny typewriting effect above the thumbnail to show the game name.

* Buttons to add/delete to favorites.

* Add Favorites button to add it to your favorites.

* Delete Favorite button to delete it from your favorites.

* A favorites catagorie where you can run your favorite games.

Free Dos Games (Released 01-10-2016):

* Added a menu item with more applications.

* Added a menu item ‘Updates’ With game updates and application updates.

* More information when you hover a button.

* Added a menu item ‘settings’.

* You can turn the typewriting on or off on the settings dialog.

* Added a splash screen when you run the program.

* Option to turn off the splash screen in the options dialog.

Free Dos Games (Released 04-10-2016):

* Added a progress on the task bar when unpacking a game.

* Sends a hit to the statics page when play a game.

* More space (width) in the game tree.

Free Dos Games (Released 05-10-2016):

* Added the slogan to the top of the program.

* Free Dos Games description in games description when starting program.

* Fixed error message when you want to edit dosbox.conf.

* Made a white background for editing dosbox.conf.

* You can choose in setting if you want to play in fullscreen or not.

* Added a button to see the game files in the ‘Edit dosbox.conf’ dialog.

Free Dos Games (Released 05-10-2016):

* Hotfix: Send gameplay hits to a other page for better statics.

Free Dos Games (Released 06-10-2016):

* Send more information to the statics database.

Free Dos Games (Released 10-10-2016):

* Fixed error message when favorite.ini don’t exist.

* Shows the number of times a game is played.

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