King of Defense: The Last Defender v1.0.4 Mod

Requirements: Android 4.0.3+ | File size: 64.96 MB

The beautiful world is threatened by the dark force which come from the dark hell. They are everywhere in the kingdoms such as beautiful forests, hot deserts or cold snow lands. The kingdoms are invaded and your kingdom is also invaded. Use your own strategy to defend your kingdom. Monsters with magical power invade the land easily. You need to a strategy combine with the heroes to stop them. Use strategy to win magic, the goodness will win the evil. Prepare the best strategy to fight the cruel monsters to defend your kingdom.

King of defense_The Last Defender is a defense game. With the defense game, the players’ tactical skills are very important. You have to have a good tactic, good management, and good military control. In addition, you have to understand your forces and enemies to make a exactly decision to prevent enemy’s attack campaigns.

Heroes System:

-Fairos (Archer): The hero possesses a wonderful archery skill with the ability to shoot multiple arrows at the same time. Especially, when he concentrates power he can shoot arrows (dragon arrow) with great power.

-Master Brow: The hero possesses perfect sword skill. Special Skills: teleport.

-Sewan: The hero use spears to fight. Special Skills: Transforms into giant with increased power many times.

-Old Warros: Throughout the many battles, nobody remembers his real name. They call him “old warriors”. He possesses extraordinary power. Special skills: Create shield to protect himself and all his allies.

-Cercle: is a hero that possesses many magic, attacks the enemy by a ball of electricity, calls lightning.

-Demon Krat: symbol of power, protector of the kingdom. Use the ax as a weapon. Special skills: concentrate the power on weapons and attack the enemy with massive power.

The game that has a hero system that possesses a lots of special abilities brings wonderful experience for players. The player controls heroes combine with the tower-building strategy to create a defense that prevents kingdom from enemies’ attacks.


– Optimized for the game

– Unlimited Money + premium



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