Malwarebytes Premium Beta Multilingual

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Malwarebytes Premium offers real-time protection against malicious programs and websites, encryption, exploits, phishing. Using proactive protection allows you to block unknown threats of “zero day”. Malwarebytes Premium includes four components to protect against malicious programs. The new version combines the functions of Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit, Anti-Ransomware, Web protection and cleaning and recovery technologies in a single product with the simple name Malwarebytes. The solution offers intelligent threat detection and specialized protection against Trojans-extortionists and exploits using proactive technologies.

Main functions of Malwarebytes Premium:

Real-time protection. Automatic detection of malicious programs before infection.

Protection from exploits. Protecting vulnerable systems and applications from exploits.

Protection from cryptographers. Eliminate the programs of extortionists before they can block personal data.

Web protection. Prevent visits to known malicious pages.

Protection against rootkits. Clean up the system from rootkits and restore damaged files.

Main features of Malwarebytes Premium:

Protection from complex insidious threats

The product detects and removes malicious programs in real time using advanced technology to protect against viruses, spyware and rootkits. Scanning the latest and most dangerous threats is done automatically, so you do not need to worry about protection.

Protecting files from extortion programs

Preventing the work of unknown and known extortion programs with the help of proprietary new generation technology that provides proactive protection of personal files. This is a powerful, reliable line of defense that blocks Trojans-encryptors, and not a simple tool for decrypting data. Your data will be protected even from the newest types of encryptors.

Prevent unauthorized use of programs

Your browser and applications will be protected by four levels of protection, and all attacks attempting to exploit the vulnerabilities will be stopped even before the infection of the PC.

Protection against phishing and malicious sites

The product detects and prevents access to phishing sites and malicious links. Thus, it provides proactive protection from downloading malware, attempts to hijack accounts and infection using adware. No more need to worry about the threats in the network.

Fast and intelligent scanning

The “Quick Scan” mode is aimed at detecting only active malicious programs. The scanner performs a quick system analysis and immediately displays the scan results. Run the scanner in the background and play your favorite game. Verification will be completed before you get ready for the game.


Performance/protective capability:

Improved memory usage

Reinstalling with an older installer will no longer downgrade update packages

Improved self-protection module stability and resiliency

Numerous enhanced malware protection techniques and remediation capabilities


Clicking ‘Install Application Updates’ button now downloads available component updates and releases regardless of limits in place for automatic update delivery

Added a button to access the ‘Malwarebytes My Account’ portal from in-app My Account screen [NOTE: clicking through via this button is still not fully functional]

Added new setting that allows you to opt in to automatically receive Beta component updates and full releases

Minor user interface redesigns, including confirmation of scan completion post-reboot

Stability/issues fixed:

Fixed numerous problems that could occur when upgrading from earlier versions to Malwarebytes 3

Fixed an issue where updates would fail if attempted right after PC comes out of sleep

Fixed an issue where the user interface could become non-responsive if mapped drives were present

Fixed several issues that could lead to an ‘Unable to connect the service’ message

Improved overall stability of drivers

Addressed several translation issues

Fixed several crashes and hangs related to the service and tray

Addressed many other miscellaneous defects and user interface improvements




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