MSI Afterburner 4.2.0 | 36 Mb

MSI Afterburner – utility for overclocking graphics cards, works with all manufacturers. Makes it easy to change the frequency of GPU `Shader` Memory, control the speed of rotation of the impeller fan, change the voltage and so on. Fully supported by all operating systems family of Windows XP `Vista` 7 x86 (x32) and x64. Has all the necessary facilities to monitor the work of overclocked cards, there are options of working with profiles, management of “hot keys” and more. The distribution package includes the installer stress test MSI Kombustor, using engine known benchmark FurMark.

Key features:
– Management of memory and core frequencies, including shader (both separately and simultaneously).
– Manage stress.
– Manual or automatic speed control fan speed.
– On-screen display in real time for games (frame rate, temperature, monitoring frequency).
– Support for LCD-displays keyboard manufacture Logitech.
– Displays information about device drivers, BIOS mode and SLI.
– Ability to use different user interface.
– Supports up to five settings profiles.

Whats New :
Added AMD Fiji graphics processors family support.
Hardware abstraction layer architecture has been revamped to allow implementation of voltage control via direct access to GPU ondie voltage controllers (e.g. AMD Fiji SMC) in addition to previously supported external voltage controllers connected to GPU via I2C bus. Please take a note that direct access to AMD SMC from multiple simultaneously running hardware monitoring applications can be unsafe and result in collisions, so similar to I2C access synchronization we introduce global namespace synchronization mutex “Access_ATI_SMC” as SMC access synchronization standard. Other developers are strongly suggested to use it during accessing AMD GPU SMC in order to provide collision free hardware monitoring.
Added core voltage control for reference design AMD RADEON R9 Fury / Nano series cards with on-die SMC voltage controller
Added unofficial overclocking support for PowerPlay7 capable graphics cards (AMD Tonga and newer graphics processors family). Please take a note that unofficial overclocking mode with completely disabled PowerPlay is currently not supported for PowerPlay7 capable hardware.
Added version detection for AMD Radeon Software Crimson edition. Please take a note that new AMD Radeon Software versioningscheme is not backward compatible so now Catalyst version can be reported improperly if you reinstall older versions of Catalyst drivers on top of AMD Radeon Software Crimson edition without cleaning the registry up. Until the issue is addressed inside AMD Radeon Software Crimson edition installer, MSI Afterburner is providing compatibility switch “LegacyDriverDetection” in the configuration file allowing you to use legacy driver version detection mechanism if you’re rolling back to legacy Catalyst drivers after AMD Radeon Software Crimson edition drivers
GPU usage monitoring filtering algorithms, aimed to filter GPU usage monitoring artifacts in AMD ADL API on AMD Sea Islands GPU family are now disabled by default. Filtering algorithms can still be enabled by power users via configuration file if necessary
Added core, memory and auxiliary PEXVDD voltage control for custom design MSI GTX980Ti Lightning series graphics cards with IR3595A+IR3567B voltage regulators
Added memory and VRM temperature monitoring for custom design MSI GTX980Ti Lightning series graphics cards with NCT7511Y thermal sensors
Now SDK includes detailed documentation for third party hardware database format, allowing experienced users to add voltage control support for custom design non-MSI graphics cards
Temperature monitoring for AMD Family 10h – 16h micro architecture CPUs is no longer experimental. Now thermal monitoring on such CPUs is unlocked by default.
Slightly altered VRAM usage monitoring implementation for AMD and Intel graphics cards. Now total resident bytes are being displayed as VRAM usage instead of total committed bytes, and allocated blocks are no longer being rounded to 1MB boundary per block when calculating a total value
Improved skin engine. Added support for altered USF skins obfuscation scheme used in most recent versions of third party overclocking tools.
Added Brazilian Portuguese localization.
RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to v6.4.1


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