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Viplugin for Eclipse 2.14.0 | 1 Mb

viPlugin is a plugin for the Eclipse Platform that adds vi(m) functionality to almost all text based editors for Eclipse (JDT, CDT, PHP, …). For developers this means all editors implementing the ITextEditor interface. Supported are all products based on Eclipse >=3.1, including Eclipse itself, MyEclipse, Rapid Application Developer, Zend Studio, Aptana and many more.

Whats New:
– added feature to map any Eclipse command to a keyboard shortcut (e.g. :map R ECLIPSE:org.eclipse.ui.navigate.openResource) – 0000969: [eclipse_integration] Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) vIPlugin status bar area is shrunk so that you can not see the text box – 0000955: [vim_compatibility] Ctrl+V, line-number-less-than-current, G doesn’t select first line in range


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