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busuu: Learn Languages – Spanish, English & More v13.7.0.115 [Premium]

Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 20,7 MB

Don’t just learn a language, fall in love with it! Your language learning couldn’t be more fun and easy than with busuu. Learn Spanish, English, French, Russian, Chinese and 7 other languages with the help of over 50 million people worldwide that use busuu.

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Accupedo-Pro Pedometer v7.2.2.G

Requirements: Android 4.1+ | File size: 5,9 MB

Accupedo is an accurate pedometer app that monitors your daily walking on the home screen. With easy to read charts and history logs, monitor your steps, calories burned, distance, and time. As your best walking buddy, Accupedo will motivate you to walk more! Set up your daily goal and step towards a healthier you with Accupedo pedometer. An intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithm is embedded to track only walking patterns by filtering and ejecting out non walking activities. Accupedo counts your steps regardless of where you put your phone like your pocket, waist belt, or bag. Be healthy by setting up your daily goal and accurately monitoring your steps with Accupedo.

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Call Recorder – Automatic Premium v1.1.150

Requirements: Android 4.1 and up | Size: 13,45 MB

Auto call recorder allows you to record phone calls while on phone. This automatic Call Recorder is the best Telephone Recording app for Android. Record any phone call you want. Choose which users or incomingoutgoing phone calls to record and choose which calls you want to save or share.

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SIM Tool App Manager v4.0.8

Requirements: Android 4.2 and up | Size: 2,5 MB

This is a PRO version with more features and without Ads! Using SIM Tool App Manager you can look your SIM Card information, manage your SIM contact number, add new contact, delete contact, export into sd card and import again into Sim card, delete sim card number using multy select option or delete one by one. Import phone number from Sdcard to your Sim card. Export phone number from sim card to PhoneBook. Import phone number from PhoneBook to sim card.

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DevCheck Hardware and System Info v2.24 [Pro]

Requirements: Android 4.1+ | File size: 4,9 MB

Monitor your hardware in real time and get complete information about your device model, CPU, GPU, memory, battery, camera, disk, network and operating system. DevCheck gives you all the information you need about your hardware and operating system in a clear, accurate and organized way. DevCheck provides the most detailed CPU info available and identifies the SOC (System On Chip), GPU, RAM and other detailed specifications and info about your device.

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VRV: Anime, game videos & more v1.14.0 [Premium]

Requirements: Android 4.4+ | Size: 16,5 MB

VRV is a new video experience for anime, animation, gaming, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and tech fans. All of the channels you love in one place, including exclusive shows: HarmonQuest, Bravest Warriors, and Bee and Puppycat.

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TrackChecker Mobile v2.23.22 build 267 [Unlocked]

Requirements: Android 3.0+ | Size: 6,2 MB

TrackChecker Mobile is powerful app for tracking your parcels, mails, orders, freights by theirs tracking numbers. TrackChecker Mobile works directly with postal tracking services. Only your smartphone and Internet and You can check your tracks any time and any place. TrackChecker Mobile supports more than 300 postal and delivery services, air cargoes, etc. The services are updated frequently. TrackChecker Mobile is the next generation of TrackChecker app. It is developed and supported by author of desktop version of TrackСhecker.

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n7player Music Player v3.0.10 [Premium]


Requirements: Android 4.0+ | Size: 12,5 MB

n7player Music Player is an intuitive audio player giving you an innovative way to browse your music. It provides advanced features in a user-friendly interface. Quick access to currently playing songs allows for total control in a handy way. Because the ease of use, this app is perfect for beginners but its countless features will satisfy even the most demanding and advanced users.

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